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    Who We Are

    We are a construction consultancy company based in Greater Toronto Area of Canada, specialized in healthcare construction and turnkey project management. We have a strong track record and expertise with new buildings as well as alteration/renovation work. We feel proud of ourselves in serving our customers with top service, high-quality work, efficiency, and honesty. We have a team of highly qualified, motivated and experienced Realtors, Architects, Interior designers, Engineers, Contractors and Healthcare professionals, Practice Management specialists to serve you a variety of solutions under one roof based on your needs.

    Services Offered

    Dental office Project planning

    Community survey report

    Estimate foot falls

    Dental Practice Market Potential Analysis

    Legal and Regulatory matters

    Architect site visit and planning

    Construction project estimate

    Construction project management

    Identify and select ideal location

    Dental Equipment comparison

    Dental equipment installation

    Construction budget Quote comparison and analysis

    Equipment annual maintenance

    Regulatory compliance

    Fire safety

    Inspections / City permits / Approvals

    Jomy Vallippalam

    Dr. Nibu and team did my Dental office from A-Z and helped me get equipment and permits. The construction was done well and thoroughly. I am happy. I recommend them for any health care construction. Dr. Nibu is always willing and available for free advice after construction is done.

    Jomy Vallippalam

    Anita Gupta

    I am extremely happy with Dr. Vargese and his team for helping me build my dream office. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects and he guided me through out until I was running successfully. Truly recommend his incredible services to everyone.

    Anita Gupta

    Karishma Kazim

    Dr Nibu is extremely knowledge in all areas of the dental field, from the planning, construction, design, management and practicing. He is always available for ongoing advice. He makes the time to answer all your questions and makes you feel at ease and comfortable with your decisions. Great work. I would highly recommend him. Thank you

    Karishma Kazim

    Brian Jin Chan Kim

    Dr. Nibu was amazing throughout the entire construction process. He works on your side, not on the side of any others involved. He will listen to you, come up with a plan and correct if you have any concerns at any stage of the construction. We are very happy that we went with Dr. Nibu. Highly recommend to any dentist looking to build a new office.

    Brian Jin Chan Kim

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